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Antonio M. Echavarren Pablos

Basic Investigation
Curriculum Vitae

Doctor in Chemistry, Autonomous University of Madrid. Professor of Organic Chemistry Univ. Autonomous University of Madrid (1992, on leave since 2021), CSIC Research Professor (on leave since 2004) Group Leader at the Institut Català d'Investigació Química (ICIQ). He began his independent career at the age of 33 at the CSIC in Madrid. Your group of Research later moved to the UAM and, later, to the newly created ICIQ in Tarragona. Since 1988, he has directed 11 projects of the Ministry of Science and Innovation (or alternative names) and other projects, including 2 ERC Advanced Grants, 1 ERC Proof of Concept, and 5 Marie Slodowska-Curie Individual Postdoctoral Fellowships. Throughout His entire career has followed a research group model in line with the countries more scientifically competitive, directly supervised doctoral students, masters and postdocs, most of whom develop successful independent careers in academia or industry. At ICIQ, his group pioneered palladium catalysis contributing to determine the mechanism of the arylation reaction. They also developed original syntheses to prepare polyarenes, including fullerenes, and studied their applications in molecular electronics. His most important contributions have been in gold catalysis, establishing the foundations that have guided the discovery of new transformations by other groups. research. His group was one of the pioneers in gold chemistry, discovering that Gold(I) catalysts are the most selective for the activation of alkynes.

Fallo del jurado

The Jury has recognized his contributions to organic chemistry, especially catalysis, increasing the efficiency of chemical reactions, to produce medicines and other new materials.






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