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Olympia Bover Hidiroglu

Curriculum Vitae

PhD in Economics, London School of Economics, 1987. Master in Econometrics and Economics Mathematics, London School of Economics, 1983. Graduate in Economic Sciences, University of Barcelona, ​​1981. Olympia Bover has been an economist at the Bank of Spain since 1991. She is currently director of the Department of Structural Analysis and Microeconomic Studies. Previously, she was head of the Microeconomic Analysis Division and responsible for the Microeconomic Information and Analysis Unit. Before joining the Bank he was a Research Fellow at Nuffield College, University of Oxford, and the Center for Economic Performance at the LSE. She has a degree from the University of Barcelona and a doctorate from the London School of Economics. She is an associate researcher at the Institute for Fiscal Studies and a Research Fellow at CEPR. She is a Fellow of the European Economic Association (EEA) and former president of the Spanish Economic Association (AEE). His research includes empirical and methodological topics. He has made empirical contributions on the markets of housing and work, household finances and consumer behavior. He has also made methodological contributions in the fields of economics econometrics. panel data and household survey methods. The econometric methods that developed have had a major impact on the way panel data are analyzed. The methodology that he developed to construct a new household wealth survey in Spain has allowed numerous investigations to be carried out with this data, it has influenced the development of similar surveys in other countries, and has had a great impact socioeconomic by providing previously unknown information about the distribution of wealth in Spain. It has more than 26,000 citations on Google Scholar. Ranked 7th among all economists in Spain and 24th among women economists throughout the world. world in the RePEc ranking.

Jury ruling

This year the jury awards the Economics Prize to Olympia Bover. Is a applied microeconomist who has contributed to important empirical studies of the labor and housing markets and household behavior. Too a introduced important methodological innovations in the analysis of panel data and household surveys. His work has been influential both in the academic community and in the world of politics.



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