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Antonio Acín

Basic Research
Curriculum Vitae

Doctor in Theoretical Physics, University of Barcelona (2001); Graduate in Telecommunications Engineering, Polytechnic University of Catalonia (1997), and in Physics, University of Barcelona (1997).

He is an ICREA professor at the ICFO-Institute of Photonic Sciences. After completing two degrees in Telecommunications Engineering (UPC) and Physics (UB) in 1997, he obtained a doctorate in Theoretical Physics in 2001 (UB). After this, he moved to the Applied Physics Group at the University of Geneva for a post-doc and joined ICFO in 2003, where he heads the Quantum Information Theory group. Currently, the group is made up of 30 researchers, 15 postdocs and 15 doctoral students. In the past, he has supervised 30 doctoral and 44 postdoctoral theses. Furthermore, 29 former members of the group now hold tenure-track or tenure-track positions in academia.

Jury ruling

The Jury of the King Jaume I Prize for Basic Research unanimously awards the prize in its 2024 edition to D. ANTONIO ACÍN DAL MASCHIO for his revolutionary theoretical contributions in the field of quantum information, for example, the certification of highly relevant random numbers for the development of quantum communication.