The Foundation

The Rei Jaume I Foundation is a private non-profit organization. It was founded in 1996 by the Valencian Government and the Valencian Foundation for Advanced Studies for the organization of the nomination of candidates and of all the other events and activities related to announcing the winners and awarding the prizes. First celebrated in 1989, the aim of the Rei Jaume I Prizes is, through studies and research, to bring together scientific and business institutions, in order to promote research and scientific development in Spain.

Upon his return from the US, Professor Santiago Grisolía founded, with the support of leading Valencian businessmen, the Valencian Foundation for Advanced Studies with the purpose of promoting science in Spain. In 1989, he gained the support of Mr. Juan de Herrera, then President of the company Petromed, to create an outstanding award that would distinguish researchers who pursued their career in Spain. 
Thus, the first of the Rei Jaume I Prizes was born, a pioneering research prize amongst Spain’s scientific awards. Over the years, the number of awards has increased up to a total of eight categories, six of which are currently known as: Basic Research, Economy, Medical Research/Clinical Medicine, Environmental Protection, New Technology and Entrepreneur.
Santiago Grisolía, founding father of the Prizes and Permanent Secretary of the Foundation, and Vicente Boluda, Vice Chairman of the Foundation, together with Javier Quesada, Executive President of the Rei Jaume I Prizes.

The Board of Trustees


First Vice Chairman of the Valencian Foundation for Advanced Studies
Port Authority of Valencia
Aurelio Martínez Estévez
Second Vice Chairman of the Valencian Foundation for Advanced Studies
Silvino Navarro Vidal
Treasurer of the Valencian Foundation for Advanced Studies
Grupo Segura
Francisco Segura Hervás
Head of the Regional President’s Cabinet 
Arcadi España García
Regional Minister for Education, Research, Science and Sports
Vicent Marzà Ibáñez
Regional Minister for Universal and Public Health
Ana Barceló
Regional Minister for Finance and the Economic Model
Vicent Soler i Marco
Iberdrola Foundation
Ramón Castresana
Valencia City Council
Roberto Jaramillo
Javier Jiménez Marco
EDEM Business School
Hortensia Roig Herrero
AVE (Valencian Association of Entrepreneurs) 
Diego Lorente Fraguas
Air Liquid HealthCare
Julio de la Rosa Escribano
Xicu Costa Ferrer
Valencian Chambers of Commerce
José Vicente Morata Estragués
Banco Santader Foundation
José Miguel Lorente
Amalia Blanco
Bancaja Foundation
Rafael Alcón Traver