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Medical Research 2018
Curriculum Vitae

(Castellón, 52 years old) PhD in Pharmacy and Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the Universitat de València, is a pioneer in the field of the nutrigenonic and fervent defender of the Mediterranean diet and its advantages in the prevention of obesity and the syndrome metabolic.She is a pioneer in Spain in the training of researchers in the field of genomic epidemiology. She has published more than 350 articles in international journals and directed more than 35 research projects

Fallo del jurado
The jury of Medical Research has awarded the prize of the year 2018 to Doctor Dolores Corella for her pioneering work in the birth and development of the field of nutritional Genomics, the study of gene-diet interactions.
She carried out the first nutrigenetic studies in the prestigious Framingham study, as well as collaborating with other prestigious groups in several countries.
She is currently director of the Research Unit of Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology and Coordinator of the Healthy University in the Spanish Network of Universities.