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Francisco Pérez

Curriculum Vitae

Doctor in Economics from the University of Valencia. Professor of Economic Analysis. Professor emeritus and director of Research at the Valencian Institute of Economic Research.

He has developed several lines of research, characterized by their solid theoretical foundations, the creation of databases that offer adequate empirical support for research, and which have provided numerous economic policy recommendations in different fields. In his more than 50 years of research activity, he has specialized in economic growth and competitiveness, regional economics, educational economics, banking and public finance.

Jury ruling

This year the jury awards the 2024 Economics Prize to Francisco Pérez García. Francisco Pérez has been awarded the King Jaume I Prize for Economics 2024 for his solid academic career as a professor of Economics; his demonstrated and highly praised leadership as director of research at the Ivie; and for his services to the profession and the community. His contributions – founded on solid empirical bases and the construction of databases – cover a wide variety of topics, all of them related to the factors that determine the long-term development of the Spanish Economy: especially capital in all its variants, education, evaluation of public policies and the regional economy.