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Guillermina López-Bendito

Medical Investigation
Curriculum Vitae

Doctor in Neurosciences, Bachelor's Degree in Biology (Biotechnology). Research Professor CSIC, director of the Department of Developmental Neurobiology, Institute of Neurosciences (CSIC-UMH). She is a researcher specialized in the field of Neurosciences. Study the training and Plasticity of brain circuits during embryonic and postnatal development. His work has had a profound impact on our understanding of how defects in the assembly of neural networks leads to adaptive plasticity and/or disorders neurological. The long-term aspiration of his research is to repair connections defective neuronal cells in patients with sensory defects such as blindness. This to the vanguard of its field, as witnessed by the international resonance of its results and the unique implementation of new technologies, which has resulted not only in publications, but also in invitations to join societies, evaluation committees, councils editorials, as well as in the organization of conferences and giving talks in forums international and universities. Since 2008, he has directed the “Development, Plasticity and Reprogramming of Sensory Circuits” at the Institute of Neurosciences of Alicante, center mixed UMH-CSIC, recognized as the Severo Ochoa Center of Excellence.

Jury ruling

The jury awards him the Medical Research Prize for his study of the processes that underlying the formation of neuronal connections, where it shows that they are essential for normal brain function. His work has shed light on the complex interactions between sensory signals that neurons receive and the molecules they release and the role of brain activity spontaneous to form cortical maps.



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