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Jordi Sunyer

Clinical Research and Public Health
Curriculum Vitae

He is an internationally recognized leader in the environmental origins of asthma and COPD, and neurodevelopment. His scientific work began by finding and combating asthma epidemics in Barcelona in the 1980s. This gave him a desire to prevent people from getting sick in the first place, and allowed him to participate in the development of Public Health in Spain, first co-creating the epidemiology department of the IMIM and later the creation of the center for environmental epidemiology ( CREAL) which has recently become ISGlobal.

He has supervised 39 doctoral theses. He is among the best (1.4%) medical scientists in the world. He is a member of three external scientific advisory committees, associate scientific editor in seven scientific journals. John Goldsmith Prize in Environmental Epidemiology, 2014 and Honorary Doctorate from the University of Hasselt in 2023.

Jury ruling

The Clinical Research and Public Health Jury has unanimously selected its first winner: Jordi Sunyer, professor at the Institute of Public Health of the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona. His work has elevated public health to national and international levels of relevance through the recognition of new risk factors in the asthma epidemic, including air pollution and other environmental risk factors. Later, he took the lessons learned from his work in asthma to apply them to neurocognitive disorders in children and other diseases. His contributions to the design of research protocols and cohort studies have created new standards in research and public health policies.