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Luis Serrano

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Dr. Biochemistry. Director and senior Group Leader at Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG).

Luis Serrano is a visionary scientist known for his rapid advancement in fusing fundamental research with innovative healthcare solutions. With nearly 400 peer-reviewed publications, an h-index of 95, and an average citation of 92.5, Serrano's career took off with a PhD at the CBM in Madrid and a postdoc with Professor A.R. Fersht in the UK. His leadership at the EMBL in Heidelberg as head of the Structural and Computational Biology program and as director of the CRG in Barcelona has been decisive in achieving scientific excellence in Europe and has made the CRG a leader in Systems Biology and Biomedical research.

Jury ruling

The New Technologies Jury of the  Rei Jaume I Prizes has unanimously decided to award the prize to Luis Serrano. Serrano connects fundamental research and technological development with his contributions in systems biology, synthetic biology and protein design, achieving a great impact on society. He has been one of the first scientists to use artificial intelligence (AI) creating the FoldX program to predict protein structures. This program, which allows you to design proteins, is used by the international scientific community and has become one of the cornerstones of AI in biomedical research and innovation. Dr. Serrano has created several medical innovation startup companies. His most recent achievement has been the modification of a bacteria that functions as a therapeutic agent in the human microbiome.