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Sergio M. Vicente

Protection of the Environment
Curriculum Vitae

Sergio M. Vicente-Serrano has a PhD in Physical Geography from the University of Zaragoza. Full Professor of the Higher Council for Scientific Research. Master in Remote Sensing from the Institute of Spatial Studies of Catalonia (2000) and Doctor in Physical Geography from the University of Zaragoza (2004). He has participated in more than 45 R&D projects, coordinating two research projects at the European level, and has published more than 400 scientific documents, including more than 275 articles in international journals in the fields of water resources, atmospheric sciences, remote sensing, ecology, etc. In addition, he has published articles in non-indexed journals (39), chapters in collective volumes (84), books as editor (4) and scientific monographs (5). He has an h-index greater than 75 and his works have received more than 25,000 citations in international scientific literature.

Jury ruling

The jury has highlighted his leadership and fundamental contributions to transforming our knowledge of drought, as one of the most critical challenges of our time, increasingly exacerbated by climate change.

Professor Vicente-Serrano has developed high-impact methods and indicators to understand the effects of droughts, which have been widely adopted as references to quantify their severity and global impact.

He has demonstrated a strong commitment to translating scientific knowledge into tangible benefits for society. His leadership in the field is reflected in contributions as coordinator of the most recent report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and his participation in the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification.