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Victor Amarnani

Curriculum Vitae

CEO of A4B Group Corp (BigBuy Group).

BigBuy is a rapidly growing company, currently with 300 people on staff across various companies within the group. BigBuy has created a unique, totally disruptive and pioneering business model from the Valencian Community to all of Europe; a 360º proposal to boost our clients' digital sales, taking advantage of trends such as Full-Commerce or Omnichannel. The history of BigBuy cannot be understood without a constant effort for improvement, business innovation, scalability and adaptability.

Jury ruling

Víctor has a clearly entrepreneurial profile, since he started his first business adventure at a very young age. His experience has led him to create Big Buy in 2013, providing an innovative and comprehensive solution that provides small companies with the infrastructure for online commerce, helping them in their internationalization.

His skills in negotiation, sales team management, and financial management stand out.

In a highly competitive sector he reinvests in R&D&I on a sustained basis. Víctor supports entrepreneurs and start-ups with STEM training initiatives.